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Points to Ponder

People who are suspicious about all this mess ask why didn’t Charles sort it all out before it reached the ridiculous wedding?
Why should people expect the Queen to do so?
She had more than enough mess with two of her own sons who brought shame, ridicule and disgust on the RF.
Why, at her age, should she be burdened with Charles’ son and his mess-ups?
What sort of king will Charles make- eventually- if he cannot manage a matter such as this- before it became the disgraceful farce it has become?
Look at all those people shaking hands, bowing and curtsying- to a couple of alleged frauds -more and more of them by the day,who,when it all comes out, will be furious to think they were deliberately hoodwinked and taken for a bunch of fools.
I cannot see how the RF can ever explain all this deceit away. If the RF cannot manage alleged blackmail or alleged chicanery then who on earth can?
It simply has to stop now. Someone needs to take charge.
If there are alleged awful disclosures to be made how will they go away anyway if MM leaves?
She could sign all the papers going- but anyone she tells could spread the stories- so they get paid and so does she and everyone gets to know whatever- just later rather than sooner.
I really cannot see how this can end well for all concerned.
Trust and respect are earned and at the present time they are being deeply damaged on a daily basis.
The poor Queen, the stress must be enormous and I hope her otherwise long and healthy life to date is not shortened by all this craziness. Long live the Queen.

Correct anon. People are beginning to question the authenticity of this relationship and the media are dropping little scoops that negative content regarding MM will be published. Also as you see her father and half sister are burning her on her Fake Humanitarian image which she portrayed to the world..

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Being made fun of by brf.

Felix, that Zara twitter account is a parody. It says so in the bio. I sent you an ask a few weeks ago when someone came on with a Rothschild conspiracy theory, today someone is here with a paedophile site. These are the two favourite topics of conspiracy theorists – the jewish / Rothschild plot and paedophiles in high places. Please be aware of them.

Hi anon. I remember the Rothchilds conspiracy theory. Regarding the  Zara twitter account, I haven’t paid much attention to but I do remember Zara’s facial reaction at the wedding and that showed me exactly of what Zara thinks of her.

Now regarding the Pedophile pages on Social media. We know that individuals of power are involved in these activities and are beginning to be exposed. But what I can tell you is that MM has nothing to do with the Rothchilds, She may have met them through her social climbing career but is NOT related to them as that theory suggested.

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Photoshopped images

The photoshopping gets better by the day. They have someone who knows a bit more about what they are doing now.
I will not post any more altered images because it just gives them a detailed lesson on where they are going wrong- hence the improvements. I am saving the images for later.

Quite true anon. They have improved slightly but still are getting caught out by the trained eye. So keep these images and we will be publishing them on a later date..

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Web page jumping

hi felix, for some reason when i scroll your website, the pages keeps jumping to a different section than I was reading. it has happened before and stopped, but it did it yesterday and today. I can’t get it to stop.

Hi anon. Thanks for letting me know. I will have a look at it and see where the issue is..

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nsw anon

Hi Felix,

Thanks so much to the anon with the info about the Brit pedos. We may be getting a lot of surprises, and shocks coming up ( who would have thought about Rolf Harris being one all those years ago.)

About MM, how much do you subscribe to the influential backer theory, and how much to the coercion theory for the engagement.?

I personally dont believe in an important backer for MM to get to Harry.

If there was a backer they might use a much classier and more sensible woman. Also, Harry is not that important, He is basically a party boy.

I think Harry ran out of options and he wanted to stay relevant as he puts it. He is obsessed with actresses and thought this would make him look glamorous. I think he realised even before the wedding that she is not popular so he has made a big mistake.

He looks worse and worse so needs to get out for the sake of his health.


Regarding the backer/s there is one question. Till date how has MM been able to afford all this PR??? She is no where near 7 million as was posted on her wiki page and as you said she is not popular most around the world didn’t know who she was. Harry broke up with her in Dec 2016 after seeing who she really was and something has happened to get to this point.

As we all know Harry the party boy, he isn’t shy with women, so why was he refusing to be seen with her in public like he did with Chelsy and Cressida?? Plus as we have seen many times he looks uncomfortable when he is with her. Why??? If Harry really wanted MM the BRF would have whitewashed her past and Harry would of been the one to introduce her to the rest of the world, not her posting a pic of spooning bananas to indicate that she was in a fling with Harry.  So something is going on. As we all see the BRF are playing nice but something is going on behind the scenes and the truth is coming out as many are beginning to question the authenticity of this relationship.

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jM and her sarcasm.

JMs trying to show she’s really smart but then insults others who are smart and calls them “boring.” Is this because she doesn’t have a super high iq?

Pretty much anon. As you see JM and MM aren’t educated women and both act like teenage girls with the way they act.

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Britain pedo’s in parliament are being exposed NOW!

felix! the pedo’s in parliament are being exposed on this twitter account. OH MY GOODNESS! Supposedly they are starting with the underlings and then moving up to the big names including ROYALS!!! read it all on this twitter page: @British_Fight
And I watched their videos on their 3 week old youtube channel explaining how they are goign to expose all the bad people in Britain! and that Britain will never be the same. These people mean business! WOW!!: youtube channel is: British Fight.

wow!!! Thanks anon for sharing this with us. I will go and have a look at that twitter and YouTube accounts..

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It’s lonely at the top

I have been thinking about MM7’s situation with her family compared to Kate. There is so a difference in the unlimited and close proximity support that Kate receives from her fam to that of MM7. Surely, she must feel out of place and embarassed–I would. It just seem so unorganized and unnatural for BRF protocol. She’s a laughing stock and made to feel as an orphan

she does feel out of place and you can definitely see that in all events. The way she stands and plays with her hair. Kate has the support and MM doesn’t, that’s why she is a laughing stock.

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Being Mocked by BRFM’s

Is MM7 aware that she was mocked by Zara about her Wimbledon outfit. I’ve heard that PH has taken pot shots at her also with his buddies. It is said he joked about her legs and body shape.

probably anon. She does keep in touch with social media as we have seen. Interesting, well we know that Harry’s friends don’t like her and that’s why she wasn’t around with them the day after Skippy’s wedding in Jamaica last year.

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