Garden Party

Skippy says that the reason that they got kicked out or left early is because she stuck out her tongue and walked in front of camilla. On another thought, they could have possibly have already planned it out and Harry knew that they were going to leave but just didn’t know when. Then PC gave the signal for them to go.

they where meant to be there for the whole event and as you see didn’t.. PC clearly walked off ignoring her and Camilla acted nice not to make a scene.. Now something went on for them to leave I don’t think it’s the tongue.

I think that she would of said something to one of the group of guests which they where greeting. Plus there where more people that they where meant to greet which as you saw never happened.

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Big names

We know that social media reaches a lot of people so what big names know about the tumblr/wordpress team? Do the BBC, DM, CNN, The sun come to the blog to collect stories and read?

We have had the DM and other tabs come and collect info to produce articles.. All the blogs on tumblr reached out to more then 5 million people before mine and Skippys blogs where shut down..

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more than likely staying at Soho farmhouse

This was mentioned on skips blog but I have a big suspicion that she is still staying at Soho farmhouse. If she stayed in the London Soho dean street than she would’ve gotten caught and there is definitely no way in hell PC or HM will allow her to stay at Nott Cott. On that note, I remember reading a post from Jennifer where she wrote “Papi Markus was present at all times (at the evening reception) but as he cares for his flock of black sheep, Harry had no choice but to take the stupid maid back to Soho House”. Jen would know since she works at BBC?? I think she is still flying in and out via helicopter for the engagements like the lovely anon on skips blog said.

i wouldn’t be surprised anon. Yes from the farmhouse it’s easy to get flown back and forth where’s at dean street she would be caught as you said..  You can see from a few pics even before the wedding at events. It’s crystal clear that they go their own seperate ways when the cameras aren’t present. But they have been caught by those pics..

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powerful connections

How are they going to stop the backers from backing mm? It seems nearly impossible. If the BRF have access to really powerful people and have powerful connections, they could’ve easily stopped the R card being thrown around and could’ve stopped the wedding right?

yes it’s hard to and that’s why there was a wedding anon.. but now the game has changed.. don’t forget about the IRS.. there are a lot of ways which the BRF can turn this into their favour…

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Balcony kiss

Of course she will cry her way into tropping. She will try to get the balcony kiss at trooping that they haven’t give her for the wedding

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 She got a wedding kiss from Harry but it was a quick one with his lips closed.. I don’t think she was happy with that at all. But as we see no Royals at trooping give kisses to each other at the balcony..

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Trooping the colour

Have you heard any word that harry and the witch will attend trooping the colour? I would think that mm would not want to miss that since she will get to stand on the balcony. My favourite bit will be to see her standing right at the back whilst everyone is blocking her view so she won’t be able to see the crowd nor will they be able to see her.

No anon. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do… We all know that the whole family attends and it would look really weird if Harry turned up alone.. well what the BRF can do is get Harry not to attend this year.. So let’s wait and see if this is still on by then..

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How does the RF exactly deal with scandals that they are involved in? I wasn’t alive the last time a scandal happened. If you could answer it without giving a heads up to mm it would be great!!!!

witjout going on to much they have powerful connections and resources at their fingertips and Plans are made by HMand the senior Royals to deal with scandals.. As you see anon, The BRF always come out on top..

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I don’t think H is rebelling with his father. in fact, I have a sneaking suspicion that they are working together because if H was indeed rebelling, He would not have been invited to the garden party and also Charles would not have said goodbye to him, he’ll just get one of the footman to escort them off the premises….

yes I agree. But what did she do? They where meant to be there for the whole event and Harry got asked by PC to take her and leave which he agreed. If he was rebelling he would of made a scene..

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Sam Cohen

Does this plan that the brf have include giving her sam cohen to train her up to behave properly and to dress sensibly??

yes. Sami’s good and she will keep a close eye on her for HM…

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not a good idea

Maybe LS shouldn’t have mentioned that a bombshell is going to be dropped in the coming weeks because since we know that mm and her friends read here, they would have time to stop it from happening don’t you think? now that they know what is coming. whatever it is, let’s just pray that it will be huge enough to make her go away….

it’s up to the media and the monarchy. MM has no control of what and when negative content will be released to the world..

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