Welcome back

Yeah Felix, I really missed your amazing sense of fun.  Sorry you lost all the good stuff.  We are all still here and can hopefully  you have been keeping up to date with this daily trip through LaLa land by MM. I am still 100% convinced HM and PC will shut this down and PH can start to breath again.  So happy you are back with the cheer squad. JD and Skip missed you too. Julie


hi Julie.. It’s great to be back.. Just getting used to WordPress and making a few changes as I go.. Yes it’s a bummer that tumblr didn’t give any warning before whipping all that content but we are safe as JD has backed all her content on her WordPress blog, so we can all refer to that..

Keep the faith.. We all know that Royal weddings aren’t conducted in this manner and in the last few day the media have published negative articles on MM. No Royal bride gets this treatment.. So HM has a plan and we will all be here watching..

thanks Julie😊👍❤🙏

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