Hey Felix is this Press conference “ A norm with a BRF wedding “ from HM ? @ BP , did they do the same with PW & Kate??  or are they about to announce something big , I’m praying for the latter. Also I read on a repost from NYC that Tom Markle Jr was paid $15 K to write that letter, who the hell would the money come from .  I’m thinking RF are letting MM hang her self via her own blood , take the blame from Uk / RF thoughts.

This is unusual anon. Usually we see KP announce things like this.. BP usually hold press conferences for other topics regarding the RF member positions and Royal Engagements on behalf of the commonwealth..  So what is happening at the moment may have nothing to do with Harry and MM.. But it is strange that the press has been called in after her brothers letter to Harry and now the article about her first husband..

Quite true anon. If he received Money for writing that letter it means that someone including Tom JR know what MM really is and are getting onboard..

Also for all we know this press conference might be for HM to explain to the media about how they want this handled when it’s over? Let’s wait and see..

thanks anon and have a great day😊👍❤️🙏

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