Felix! I miss you!!!

Felix! This is sgogoa! I have asked skippy to ask you to I’m me on tumblr! Where are u? I miss ur truth. What’s going on? I had to back off cuz it was too stressful! I still. Believe no wedding. As I have from the beginning. But, I’m so glad I found you!! Never leave! Continue this fight!!

Hi Sgogoa..  I sent you a message but I don’t know if you received it..  But don’t worry Ikm back now on here.. Ok yesterday the palace released a whole heap of jumbo jumbo..  They don’t need a press conference to do that as they have been doing that through KP twitter all these months.. So something else was discussed at the palace and the statement is a distraction..

They never did this for Kate and Wills wedding and also they have debunked the story of a baptism where MM stated that her parents where present..

thanks Sgogoa and have a great day😊👍❤️🙏

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