WTF is going on now

  • Have the Press been called to BP at short  notice or was it planned ? All news over SM Tumblr DM comments about her prostitution and druggie past and the RF keeps this going . Do you truly believe in a agreement with end date. Why would RF allow this , do you think they never thought it would be this bad , and underestimated ppls opinions . Missed you on Tumblr

Hi anon. It seems like it’s on a short notice as we just found out.. Something is happening and we are all waiting to see what is going to be announced..  I agree that there is an end date because as we see nothing that has happened so far isn’t the way in which the BRF operate. You can see that MM hasn’t had any Royal training and everything regarding this so called wedding is cheap but with a big price tag.. Now the media have begun to ask the questions and still no official invites have been sent out as we saw back in 2011 with wills and and Kate’s invited been processed for mail..

Also the BRF know the public’s opinion as they get informed but need to play nice until this ends.. Now let’s wait and see what will be announced by the Palace..

Have an awesome day anon😊👍❤️🙏

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