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Hello again!  I won’t waste time and space with an explanation of my online absence and get right to it. I’ll start with what I know from the BP contact.  She is the source of KP knowledge through her own contacts, so what I say is basically second hand, but I thoroughly trust.  This is her description of the atmosphere at KP over the past month.   The tension is incredibly thick.  There is very little chit chat anymore.  Everyone seems nervous, feeling like an implosion is coming at any time.   PW is around surprisingly more than one would expect and remains cordial but appears preoccupied.  Not the happy ‘I’ve got a new son’ preoccupied.  Rather more like he’s trying to keep a lid on things but doesn’t quite know where to look.  Any communications with CH now go through only one person.  PH is rarely seen and when he is seen he is abrupt and unapproachable.  He looks testy and impatient.  MM has been in offices maybe a dozen times and calls often.  She also deals with mainly just one individual, but does have passing contact with other staff.  I can say without doubt that she has no allies there.  She is described as arrogant, condescending, demanding and has a threatening manner. (Not to say that she actually threatens people, just an air about her).   Staff are very unhappy as there is really no place for her there in terms of ‘work’, no real reason for her presence most of the time.  This contact says she and other low level staff don’t really know what she does when she is there.   Oh, and that when she has been there it has been without PH except for a few times prior to events.  She has been seen on the grounds, but not noticed as someone who lives there, just coming and going.  The atmosphere at BP is almost as tense being that so many know how strange it is at KP at the moment.  They ARE preparing for a wedding, but not much more than they would for any other large event and less than for major state events.   Much of the preps are the same and at this point and they’re not doing a lot physically yet, just the planning that goes into any event.  And yes, there is extremely careful gossip off hours questioning whether or not it will happen.  Top to bottom, people are much less communicative than have ever been before.   The family and senior staff are aware of the stories about MM, and aware that ALL staff have seen the stories.  Everyone also is keenly aware of public opinion.  That creates a very uneasy environment.   Moving on to the gentlemen… The top gent for once is not the best source, although he has made some snide comments to go with his drink about MM’s sources of income.  And from overhearing some conversation I know that these men know someone that she has, ahem, spent time with.  It is one of the other gents whom I was able to chat with about the wedding.  He does know of some invitations that were sent, but they werent seen.  I guess you could say they are ‘conditional’, in that if they appear in the press then that particular invitation is revoked.  I said that MM didn’t seem the type who wanted privacy and he explained that she only does now that she’s seen how badly she’s come off in the public eye.  It’s also the reason for only one photog at the church.  To control her image.  I asked if he knew many people who were going and he said that those he knew of had no interest in associating with many of the other guests.  Some will go out of social obligation.  My big question was if he thought it might be called off and he had an interesting response.  He said that people are focusing on the wrong issue.  The wedding is not the issue.  The issue is all about the ‘who’.  I must have looked confused because he then said “there are battles and there are wars.  It’s better to win the war, and England always wins the war.“   I pushed my luck a bit more and told him he must know more than he’s letting on.  This is the best response I’ve heard so far…”We ALL know more than we’re letting on and sooner or later so will the rest of you.  My God, don’t worry about the damned bloody wedding!”

London Scoop welcome back!!!!!! So happy you found me!  Many have asked about you!  Well thank you so much for all this information! We all appreciate it!  Great info!  I would say not sounding like a wedding!!  Thank you!  NO WEDDING!🙂❤❤❤❤❤❤

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