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WELCOME BAAACK FELIX😁! A true soldier never stay down for long. They improvise😉. So  welcome back soldier. So what you got cooking ☺. 13 days remain. May 5, 2018- Eclipse

Hey Eclipse.. How are you?? Long time since we have spoken.. Yes I am back on a different platform now and as you see MM Sugars can’t keep me way.. Look there are many questions and not enough answers in this saga. The press are beginning to spill the dirt now. The German tabs have picked up the First Husband story. NE is going to release the wedding pics as we have heard.. The funny thing is that the press was called in to BP on a last minute basis to be informed by a KENSINGTON PALACE SPOKESPERSON about this tacky wedding. But the question is what else was discussed??? I personally think they gave the media the green light to take her down.. We know that Harry will be affected but since that press conference the media in the UK and Reporters are getting snarkier and asking questions.. So lets see what the next couple of days will bring..

have an awesome day eclipse…😊👍🙏❤

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