Felix I’m worried when will this be cancelled, surely HM will not allow this love less fake marriage?? After all the lies and betrayal to BRF , attacking Family members on line , merching clothes not to mention her Yachting and alleged past. If BRF thinks they can control UK Press they can’t control the whole world and I’m sure USA media will expose her with inforo from ex cast mates , ex friends even ex clients, thoughts pls if it’s nit over this week we have a wedding. Then it will be BRF problem once her past comes to light. 

Well the way it’s going it doesn’t look like it’s going to the altar.. What we know is there is a plan to get rid of her..  Now is it going to be before the wedding which is most likely or are they going to allow the wedding to go ahead and within a week break it off.. We just have to wait and see but HM knows about MM and the content which is going to be released soon.. So let’s wait and see what happens..

Have an awesome day anon😊👍🙏❤️

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