Channel 9 Australia

Felix I can’t watch Channel 9 here , all the BS programmes about this Love Affair , Camilla Tominey ( think that’s her name ) from Express who exposed this back in October 2016 , with a little help of course from MM & Co is the one talking blah blah blah. Surly you don’t think HM would let this wedding go ahead then break it off . People / Press are sitting on big $$&$ worth of dirt on her that WILL see the light of day

Hi anon. Yes channel nine is an Australian tabloid TV channel and they are hyping this BS up with the help of CT who is delusional alongside MM..  I personally think this will end within 2 days of the wedding date.. From what I am hearing a lot of dirt will get released the day before the wedding and the BRF know all about it., So get your snacks ready and let’s see the outcome.. We will be laughing at either way it goes because MM will be exposed in front of the world..

Have an awesome day anon😊👍❤️🙏

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