Million Dollar American Princess on the Smithsonian Channel

OMG I just watched all 4 documentaries….  Smeggie HoHo will NEVER EVER be in the league as the ladies in the documentary!  They ALL come from old money with the best education and up-bringing!  A little education for Smeggie.. Even Grace Kelley’s father was asked to pay 1M dowry (I had no idea).  He fought it and only had to pay for the wedding. But again she came from a wealthy family!   Not even in her dreams!  She will NEVER EVER be accepted in that circle!   WP!

Hi WP.. yes tell me about it.. MM will never be like any of those ladies.. You can see that she has no character and style.. As you said she will never fit in anywhere and as we see all of Harry’s friends did a disappearing act since she come on the scene..

have an awesome day WP😊👍❤🙏

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