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Hi Felix – about two/three months ago I pm’d you with an article on MM. this article was about her be a Reitmans brand ambassador. The interviewer asked her what her favorite pieces were that she was allowed to keep. She answered some glitzy ones that she’s going to archive for her daughter. Do you remember this article.  I can’t find it as away from my computer – Micki

Hi Micki. Yes I do and we all laughed at that because it looked ridiculous.. That was before Reitman’s  cancelled her contract in December 2016 because her clothing line wasn’t selling even though her sale was directly after the statement come out and still no one went and bought her clothes as the world was informed about her.. Epic fail..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. I will ask JD for it because it must be on her blog as me and Skippy lost our content..

Have a wonderfull day Micki😊👍❤🙏


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