On a FB post several hundred people remarked about how they thought Markle was not quite right.  Something wrong about her and they couldnt tell what.  Should have read your posts!!  BTW the vast majority of them were American with a sprinkling of Aussies and they said they werent watching the wedding because it wasnt a royal wedding.  There were ones who got cross about all the negative remarks about her and said it was because she is of mixed race and all the people posting were racists which is a pretty pathetic defense.  Keep up the good work Felix!

Thank you anon. It’s good to be back. Awesome as we see many  people can see that there is something wrong.. One of our radio presenters here in Melbourne who the station is covering the wedding said the same thing that she doesn’t know what it is but she finds it hard to trust her… The rest who claim racism are just her sugars anon.. This has nothing to do with the colour of her skin.. We are judging her on her morals and actions. And as you see she fails miserably..

Have an awesome day anon😊❤👍🙏

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