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Many years ago, in the 1980s, Katherine the Duchess of Kent visited a theatre in our city in England. As I was secretary of some charity, I was asked to go and join the line-up of locals in the foyer. The day before, the police phoned up. They knew from a list given them that I was invited and they asked me what was my date of birth.  (Not, intriguingly, the National Insurance number) The policeman said from the date of birth they could investigate all about me in time for the occasion.

Now, if security was so efficient about an ordinary person standing in a line as the Duchess of Kent walked past – and that was long before any of the current terrorist threats – it shows how background checks are done for any contact with the Royal family, however fleeting. And so, how does Meghan Markle’s chequered past seem to be such news to the Royal Family?


Hi anon. Thanks for sharing that with us.. It must of been a day that you will remember for the rest of your live and a wonderful experience… Look the Police have info on everyone these days…As terrorism is on high alert in the UK as we have seen, the security protocols are on a highest level.. This is where I laugh at this so called wedding where they want over 2000 people from the public to attend in the grounds of Windsor and watch.. Can you picture the nightmare it must be for police to track and do background criminal checks on all of these ordinary people.. Plus all the other security factors they have to put ahead as this event is on the same day as the FA CUP with many travelling around to pubs and houses to watch the game…

Now regarding her past, The RF are aware and now we play the waiting game on what they are going to do.. There is a bombshell which is going to be released in the media the day before the wedding.. So lets see what happens..

Have an awesome day anon and thanks for sharing that with us..😊👍❤🙏

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