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Felix is sending you the new text from our London Scoop source. I would like to see your opinion. I confess that I began to fear for Harry, in case this is a conspiracy, a reason for Harry and BRF.

Good luck to you, my friend.

London Scoop

Hi again! My involvement in this has taken such an odd turn. I thought I was simply 🎣 for the odd gossip amongst the ‘gentlemens’ club’ but I’ve actually developed a curious bond with the most unlikely one from my last post. Certainly not outside of my employ and I’m not having state secrets revealed 😂, but he has been sharing more directly without my prompting. Not sure why. Granted, much of what has been said recently is still couched in riddle. I do however feel confident in this source since what I was told about the racism and the website did have legs.
The press There is the press that is in MM’s pocket. They don’t care about the truth. They are making 🏦 by publishing in her favor. Then there is the press that seems to suddenly be pro wedding. They are NOT. They are deliberately publishing such outrageous syncophancy to stir up the public. They know that by ramming MM down our thoats, by painting her as perfection that the public will scream the opposite. And it’s working. They are causing more disgust towards MM with every complimentary story. So yes, MM puts something out there to negate the questions being asked (ie father, preps, etc) and the press soaks it in sugar and lets the public do their job. (these are the ‘battles’ I spoke of). If you’ll notice, the most facetious stories have started coming out since the press meeting that was called. (Seriously, why would you publish an article calling her the most influential fashionista along side pictures of her hair falling out and mud bedraggled clothing?! One of many examples).
One of the first things I was told that I shared with you was about the racism angle. A number of people didn’t feel that was realistic, but it is being dangled in full view now. It doesn’t matter how few of the public are actually racist, the 🛎 can’t be unrung and it will forever more be part of the history of this debacle. There is a reason a biracial woman who passes as white was chosen. (Question: when do you think PH was told of her ethnicity? Apparantly it matters, but I’m not sure why). But this Oprah thing? The RF is being taunted in full view of the public.
I keep being told that the wedding is not the core of this story. I’m still not certain who was meant by the ‘who’ from my last post, but it ultimately is not MM. Believe it or not, while she appears to be the scheming mastermind of all this, she is actually just a player who is stupid and arrogant enough to think she’s the ⭐. I believe we understand who the person behind her is, but there is another/others behind him. (I have no 💡 who). Those people will not go down. MM thinks she is more than she is, but the person who has cultivated her friendship over the years will have no problem walking away from her when this is over if need be. All of the side players in this game are just shallow bonuses who are willing to go along for the fame. They haven’t a clue.
So as I understand it MM was the perfect combination of thirsty who failed in her career designs but believes she is deserving of stardom. Someone souless enough to cultivate a circle of other thirsty under achievers, simple enough to fall prey to false flattery and participate in this farce. What I don’t understand is who or what is the actual target and why. I feel like I’m being drip fed this story because to know the whole thing at once would be unbelievable. In fact, I asked why I was being made to puzzle this out and was told that knowing the end without the beginning would make the whole thing seem fiction. To paraphrase, “if anyone publicized the truth of this, everyone would scoff and the truth would disappear forever. Think of that analogy about eating an 🐘…one bite at a time”. He also said that if one looks at many different sources you will find many clues. They are coming out in stages all of the time.
I then 😞 him by asking about the wedding preps, if they were in fact really happening. He confirmed that they are, but reiterated that they don’t matter which should be obvious from the caliber we’ve seen thus far.
There were other things said, but I don’t know how to convey them and don’t want to be the cause of false allegations that could get your blog in trouble. So I will hold off until I have better understanding.
And I guess (having read through much of what I missed these past weeks) that this is where I’m supposed to say I’m speculating. Because of course, I am.

😲!  Thank you so much! We greatly appreciate such detailed reports!  Many things to ponder indeed! Thank you, you are the best!😁❤❤❤❤❤


Hi anon. Yes as you see London Scoop has stated that this is not about the wedding… The RF don’t want her and they have made it clear… As they have stated the aim of the press is to get everyone off her side and as you see they have done that..  So by reading this is the wedding goes ahead on the 19th it’s not about the day. It’s what the BRF have planned to get rid of her.. As I said yesterday.. Don’t be shocked if the wedding happens and it ends within a week.. For all we know is that the BRF might embarrass her on the day off the wedding with the media releasing everything and making this into a big scandal which will see this wedding  cancelled…

Have an awesome day anon…. Keep the faith..😊👍🙏❤

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