another weird thing to laugh at

felix, in a reitman article she mentioned her fave spot is the harbored room in toronto. it was part-owned by her ex cory. somewhere i read they closed down sometime in 2016 i guess during her cheating on him. found the instagram for THR restaurant as it is also known, and the captions read as if she wrote them or she mimics the writers words. such as ROSE’ ALL DAY. THE ENTIRE SITE wreaks of her silly cliches, she speaks in cliches thinking it makes her smart & sophisticated, but just makes her gauche, lacking sophistication. it’s as if she finds something catchy and writes it down to use it when she finds it would be apropos. if you go to the harbored room instagram and read the captions you will know exactly what I’m talking about. So goofy & ridiculously obnoxious all at once.

Yes wouldn’t be surprised anon.. She probably did cheat on him there with multiple guys… Yes her silly quotes which she is famous i using on the Tig.. She acts like a 14 year old School girl…  As we know she is not that bright as she has allowed herself  to become a laughing stock in front of the entire world…

Thanks for sharing that and have a wonderful day…😊👍❤🙏

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