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I read a post; if the queen had a plan to cancel the wedding and kept it going in this way and cancelled it later, the British public might feel betrayed. Feeling of betraied…. seems fair, but I think you all must be proud. You love prince Harry who made a mistake, a big time. Queen has to handle it without being accused of racism. What outcomes would the Britain get from the accusation? Not only.the royals but whole Britain will be damaged.
Any groups and people against the wedding are on the team that are dealing with the situation. You fervently protested in various ways. You patiently bore the worries, agony and pains of watching this foasco. You are indeed the loyals to the royals!

From my blog ….Skippy❤❤❤❤

Hi anon.. Quite true.. We have stated from the beginning that Harry is no angel an he made a mistake which as you see she was planning this with her PR teams from the moment she gave him her number in early 2016.. Now With her large PR backing behind her the Royal Family have treated her well and she can’t state anything against them when this is over.. We do have faith in HM because she adores her country and knows that the public support her.. Plus she also knows what MM’s plans are and I don’t think for any second she will allow this to get to the altar… So lets wait and see because as Skippy, JD and I including other have said.. This can get cancelled at any time…

Have a wonderful day anon😊👍❤🙏

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