What I found interesting was the birthday concert. I’ve heard that PH is the apple of HM’s eye and yet he was seated all the way to the side with her. I bet you if she wasn’t in attendance that he would have been seated by his grandma. Like no one is interacting with her and before the body language expert said that there was an awkwardness with her and PW greeting I said the same thing. I think she bit off more than she can chew but she doesn’t want to admit defeat. My fellow Americans are already saying how they are tired of hearing about the wedding and that she has GOLD DIGGER AND USER written all over her. If she was such good friends with Serena Williams then why didn’t she go to the wedding and the baby shower? Her wack ass PR said it was because she was shooting Suits but she finished shooting her scenes. I also loved the looks of the people at that memorial service and how she tried to make herself cry. This Bitch is void of emotions. I’m already picturing the headlines already when they split. They won’t stay together.

Absolutely correct anon. As you said above. If she didn’t attend HM’s Birthday Harry would of been seated way closer to his grandmother. As we see she used Serena for PR as they rent friends and that’s why she wasn’t at the baby shower and Wedding.. Also everyone can see through her lies and we have had to body experts articles, one being at Skippys wedding and now from that evening..

The Royals are playing nice so she can’t attack them on anything and the media will release the dirt in her which will see her go into hiding for a very long time.. Now let’s see what’s planned ahead because from what we see no official Royal wedding is set to be held on the 19th..

Have a wonderful day anon..

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