Professor Felix

At this point what is the chance that this mess will end up in a wedding.Give me a percentage of your belief or speculation.🙏🙏🙏


Hi Anon. To me it looks like something will happen midweek which will see this cancelled plus from what I have been hearing the Media are going to release a bombshell.. I say 20% wedding 80% No Wedding..

Now I want to say a few words.. Wether this goes to the altar on Saturday it’s out of our control. I am proud of the tumblr team and everyone like yourself who have supported us over the duration for putting up a fight and exposing MM here and on the DM from the very beginning..🙏❤👍 We have shown a lot of people the real colours of MM.. JD, Skippy and I regarding other Bloggers never thought that we would target over 5 million people on tumblr who saw what a vile family the Markle’s are and how FAKE MM really is and if it goes to a wedding we will still be here laughing and exposing her every move as she will stuff up..

Have an awesome day anon and lets see what happens…😊❤🙏👍

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