WOW What is going on. People are really being nasty on nycteal blog. What the heck did she do for all of them to make them go after her. While I totally laughed that she thought I would believe she was asked to blog for PC it seems that she has lost the narrative. People are believing she is MM.

Well anon NYC claimed that Doria was in London and as we see Doria is in LA and hasn’t left as TomSr left her flowers at her LA home… It’s crystal clear that she has been cut off from information which she once had and is speculating by listening to a source which has been wrong numerous times over the year… The same thing happened last easter 2017 when she stated that Harry and MM got back together, JD, I and other anons showed her the IG stories pic which JM posted of MM,BM,MA and other holding drinks as they tried hard to state that Harry was there as BM was wearing a similar bracelet to Harry’s and crushed that story as MM and harry weren’t together.. But most can see that she is not right on info and ent on the attack…

Have a great day anon and lets see what will be the outcome of this circus..😊👍❤🙏

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