Damage control in full swing !!

So Pa has had a “heart attack” SIX days ago, yet KP announced only a few days ago that he would be walking her up the aisle. They can’t keep up with their own lies. The fact that the sister was bleating on on twitter about the pics only yesterday and yet mentioned nothing about Pa’s ill-health says it all. It also says he was never ever coming to the UK in the first place. It’s also suspicious beyond words that on the Monday of wedding week, there seems no sign of her mother heading for the plane either. The house of cards seems to be falling down !!!


See how you can see how this is a big lie anon… SIX days ago Tom Markle Sr looked in good health as he delivered a large pot of flowers to Doria’s house in LA and then was pictured with happy with his hands up and going to get a bite at KFC… People should look at what HEART ATTACKS cause to people who have had them. YES not all heart attacks kill but they do leave side affects and the larger the heart attack the serious these side affects are which can leave a person paralysed in parts of their body…

What I found funny is that when the news came out the radio stations in here Melbourne stated that KP was keeping tight lipped about Tom not attending.. And then it forced KP to place that statement which the radio stations stated that KP are in Damage control..

Also MM has no grounds to stand on as Tom her father destroyed her as he gave an interview on TMZ stating to all that MM has not contracted him.. IF he really had a heart attack you would think that MM would of contacted him and probably went to visit him as she isn’t employed and has had no engagements to attend with Harry in the past couple of weeks… It’s a SCAM and it needs to end and KP need a lot of explaining to do to the people of the world..

Plus one more thing Doria is in LA as we see new pics.. You would think with a wedding in 4 days time she would be in London helping her daughter with last minute perorations.. Well as you said above the cards are falling down quickly..


Have an awesome day anon毋


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