Dorito is on her way VIP style.

The gift that keeps on giving… or should I say the circus….

Walking Meghan Markle down the aisle to marry Prince Harry has its privileges, and her mother is enjoying one of ’em right now as she jets off to England for the royal wedding.
Doria Ragland got picked up Tuesday at her L.A. home, where she and her luggage were loaded into a chauffeur-driven SUV. A Caddy, of course. Doria’s first class journey started even before she boarded her flight.
You gotta see her arrival to LAX. Doria was dropped off at the new Private Suite — a terminal reserved for the super rich and famous, which guarantees her privacy before she’s driven across the tarmac … directly to her flight. It also costs several thousand dollars just to enter the place, but we’re guessing QE2’s covering that.
TMZ broke the story … Thomas Markle, Meghan’s dad, will almost definitely NOT be able to attend the wedding because he’s undergoing a heart procedure Wednesday.
Doria’s expected to step in and do the honors of “giving away” Meghan on Saturday. Makes sense her travel’s fit for a queen — or at least the mother of a princess-to-be.


Now lest see if the wedding will go ahead WP. I am hearing that there are massive arguments going on behind palace walls.. Yes there are big players which are backing MM and that’s where the money is coming. Not from the Queen. She hasn’t paid one cent nor will she is stated she has a departing gift for MM..🤣🤣🤣🤣 The beautiful thing is anon. If this goes through on Saturday.. The media will be the one who will publicly humiliate MM whilst the BRF will force her to go out into the public doing engagements. There will be no more hiding for her like she has been doing till now…

Have a great day anon WP 😊👍🙏❤


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