The bat is worse than the vulture

If Sam is a vulture, Meghan is a bat. The bat is the symbol for witchcraft. How could anyone believe that the BRF would like to be forever tied to the trash Meghan and her family are?!!! Mind-boggling. Though, admittedly, they brought the shit show on themselves. Any family, royal or not, would never have caved into the blackmailing demands of a whore. She sure has dirt on them and is being back by big players, but in such a game, the big players have big dirt as well. So why they budged remains a mystery. I’d assume Harry, in the beginning, had his innocent hands in it and when it catapulted, he realized he’d been conned: Bam! too late! The mint, the stamp, the wax…. wrong chess move by the BRF.

Yes I agree anon.. Harry stuffed right up and now he has put his foot in it.. Lets see what the BRF have planned.. We know that there is an exit strategy.  Now we are going to wait to see what the BRF with the media do. Is this going ahead on Saturday? or is it going to get postponed = cancelled know that the media are stating that Tom Sr is undergoing Surgery Tomorrow? Lets see what’s up next..

Have a great day anon😊👍🙏❤

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