Mysterious anon on Skips blog

“I can reveal that inside the palace walls, the wedding is cancelled- To HM, Charles and rest of BRF and staff. If anyone is still going through the shenanigans and trying to have a wedding it is Meghan and Harry. Its going to look utter tosh if they go further…. its going to be more embarrassing that fergie toe sucking cause wedding arrangements are not in place! No arrangements is no wedding…”-Not sure if you’ve seen this on Skips blog but is this anon an insider perhaps? is it true what they are saying that arrangements are not in place?

Yes anon Skippy showed me this.. It’s interesting when you look at the facts.. No baptism, Cheap wedding for the cost which has been stated.. No DORIA or anyone else at the rehearsal apart from the Cambridge’s and Harry with her… So what I have heard is that this will happen but there is more that is coming our way which MM won’t like..

Have an awesome day anon😊👍🙏❤

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