Felix please tell me this isn’t happening. I thought there was an agreement as per winkie and that it would end before the wedding?! WTH is going on?? they must have a plan to get rid of her because they definately can’t have her in the family! she will know everything about them and when they divorce, she will find a way to leak it all out and people won’t be able to trace it back to her (or so she thinks that way).

Winkie is right anon. Place your trust in HM. This is not about the wedding.. An event will happen with Harry and MM tomorrow in Windsor Castle but after that day passes HM and the BRF have MM and her family where they want her… This is all I can say for now..  It’s going to be fun.. So hang in there a bit longer and don’t let this event bring you down.  Just laugh as we are all going to do being the most tackiest wedding in the entire history of Royalty

Have an awesome day anon😊👍🙏❤


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