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Hi Felix,

So many things happening in a few days and the PR is constant.

Harry in Africa without MM again. If this was their special place why wouldnt MM go? As is obvious they cannot stand to be together. No honeymoon, multiple international trips taken separately. When is the press going to call this debacle out? As soon as they got engaged MM sped back to the US.

I think the trip to Aus and IG could see the end of the honeymoon period. Imagine Harrys face when they are stuck together for this length of time.

Thomas interview – Harry now actively ganging up on Thomas with PR stories. Also. Thomas stating Harry was issuing instructions not to talk to the press and then ringing up going on a tireade. Harry has never even met the man so what gives him the right to behave in this way?. Also, Thomas, staged photos were very harmless

MM is getting too much sympathy over her father.. When are the press going to call out MMs hypocrisy as she has had staged paparazzi shots since the beginning of the relationship.

CDAN – MM named in another blind about her pay for play,as told to an author of a book about her. Perhaps the press are waiting for the inevitable divorce to unleash all this dirt.

Hi NSW.  Absolutely correct. It’s up to the press as they are in control to call her out. At the moment they are making to much money and it’s not in their interest to call her out yet. Now regarding MM and Harry it’s as you said it. People can see that she isn’t apart of his life as he has been to Africa twice this year which he loves without her.  The Aus NZ trip will probably be the end of them as you said because they will be stuck together for multiple days with the spotlight on them. I can’t wait to see how Harry is going to handle this.. should be interesting couple of months ahead.

Have a wonderful day NSW and thank you for the post😊👍🙏❤️

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