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Hi Felix,

I agree 100 per cent with Qlds and Eclipses post about the choir at IG. Australia NZ and Pacific islands have wonderful singers and choirs. As Aust is hosting we should be paid the courtesy of being able to showcase the culture and heritage of the region, as happens with the Olympics and the Cwealth games ( We showed with these events that we are magnificent hosts. This choir decision is showing MMs influence again and she refuses to take her place.

I also agree with Ponderings. We are all one race, the Human race. Remember in their early walkabouts when Harry grabbed the young teenage girl out of the crowd saying – look Meghan she is biracial like you!. What a disgraceful thing to do, humiliating her, disrespecting her boundaries and treating her like an exhibit.

Hi NSW. Yes I remember that in the first few Engagements when Harry did that. It was disrespectful. Poor little girl as she thought she was the lucky one chosen from the crowd to meet MM as she was a fan of Suits. But one thing we are all the same race and bleed the same colour. It’s only MM PR teams as I said before who have used this to gain sympathy for MM after they kept on seeing all the negative comments on DM and around the web. As we see that hasn’t worked to their favour.

Now regarding the Choir. Australia should be the ones supplying the choir as it’s on our shores. But it’s crystal clear that these 2 want to promote themselves by inviting the choir from their wedding.

Have an awesome evening NSW😊🙏❤️👍

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