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Eclipse I’m so happy you found your tea ๐Ÿ™‚ I was too tired last night to respond but I did have a cup of chamomile tea before bed so I could say I had tea with Eclipse ๐Ÿ™‚ Admit it Eclipse, we are going to be friends before this is over ๐Ÿ™‚ Now Felix, I’m with Eclipse on that MM does not “represent” the US she is merely a byproduct of the Hollywood culture she grew up in and the lessons she learned by her grifter parents in how to take advantage of any situation without any thought to who you might be stepping on to get to what you want or think you deserve.
Now my question: We’ve seen much PR and articles about how great it is that now there is a Person of Color in the British Royal Family. And how this is inclusive and how this is groundbreaking and how now everyone is represented. This is what I don’t understand. And before any get upset and throws arrows at me – this is a serious question for a discussion. Just how is MM standing on the balcony of BP or sitting at the dining table of QEII going to change everything? Is it good to encourage young girls of any color to thing they can marry a prince no matter where they are from and dress nice and stand there and smile and they have achieved something? The RF is just that, a family. A family with light skin through generations inherited the right to rule. That’s it, that’s all they are. What does it matter what color they are? It’s the Prime Minister and Parliament where the ruling and power is displayed. There are countless women in parliament, all shapes, sizes, and color. Many different cultures represented even. So tell me again how is MM groundbreaking? Yes, she is a bi-racial divorced American married to a white aristo British family. So? I see bi-racial families everyday in the Deep South, where everyone is supposed to be so “racist” and no one around bats an eye. Nothing groundbreaking here. I have a feeling there are many bi-racial, bi-cultural families in England. So does everyone think that QEII is going to let MM hold court during dinners and let her educate all of them on inclusiveness, reducing racial tensions, equal everything for women? I imagine most of the Windsor dinners are full of discussions on that days hunts and who was the best shot, or who was responsible in the family for providing the venison they are dining on that evening, or the gossip one heard about their 6th generation cousins who owns 18,000 acres of a country estate at a recent house party, or how well HM horses are running in the races, or PC’s recent architectural observations, etc, etc…..MM just needs to have another glass of wine. The Commonwealth already has a very capable, impressive Patricia Scotland that fills the head role of Secretary-General (and she’s not white). Theresa May is Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (yes, she’s white but she’s a woman). Nicola Sturgeon is First Minister of Scotland (yes, she’s white but she’s a woman). Those are the women in power. And what does MM presence add to this argument? Nothing, absolutely nothing. So if the RF is just a family (at the top of a food chain) and because it’s a white family, why and for what purpose does it serve they have to have a person of color to be considered inclusive. And what exactly does that mean? That would be like going to every family up and down the streets in the cities and saying ok, everyone in house is white, so you need to appoint which of your children have to marry someone of color so you will be able to understand everyone and they can look at your household and say well they are ok because they have so and so in their family. Then go to the next house, and all it’s family members are black and tell them they have to appoint someone to marry a white person so the can be equal. This race nor color PR with MM and the RF doesn’t make sense to me. It’s her stupid hoax of a PR to stir people up. Don’t fall for it. Now are there a lot of serious social injustices to be discussed, yes there are and it’s ludicrous to think this social climbing bi-racial 2 bit actress from Hollywood is going to solve anyone’s problems, hell she can’t even solve her own. So why is she in the RF? Who let her in? Why is the RF squandering their good will with the people over this grifter? I personally think the RF is underestimating how well the public understands what is unfolding before their very eyes. The mere thinking by the Press, or the PR people, or the RF courtiers, or the RF themselves, that “showing off” their new family member and look she’s a person of color, look at us how inclusive we are, and look we are being nice to her, is in and of itself just a bit degrading to all of us – no matter what our background is. I’m insulted because I think we are all better that this and above this. I personally think if we stop our children (I mean our as a society) from even saying the word “race” and instead think of everyone as “people” we might just make progress. You stop inequality of how people are treated not by labeling by skin color but by teaching others to treat everyone with respect and if your neighbor needs help and you have more than you need, then help your neighbor out. But MM on some balcony smiling like a cheshire cat or a stupid donkey isn’t helping anyone. The RF is allowing this for a reason. But I really think ole Harry brought her in cause he got played. The money? If she owes SoHo – from running up tabs and travels she couldn’t cover by yachting, and then she found out the RF wouldn’t be so free with the cash to bail her out, even when she got her trashy family to act out and “embarrass” her…LMAO. Ya’ll don’t fall for that either. She’s stuck. And how exactly does that not enslave her to the system within what SoHo is? How does that make her a liberated, feminist, social justice warrior? She’s basically made herself beholden to the “company store”…..they OWN her, till they tell her they don’t. SoHo gonna take her for a ride and Harry too for all long as they have the gas to go. To explain “company store” – that was a hideous practice by large southern landowners before and during the great depression and even after, where they “employed” field workers and cotton gin workers on their vast properties. Provided very basic shack houses for them and also a “company store” owned by the landowner who then sold household goods/food to them at prices above what they were paid for their work. They basically were enslaved to the landowner because it was almost impossible to get out of debt or ever save up extra money to leave. They basically worked for room and board. Sound familiar? I know officially Harry has to live at KP in Knot Cottage but that doesn’t mean they don’t spend a lot of time at SoHo. Why would she stay holed up in a little 2 bedroom bachelor pad cottage under the watchful eye of courtiers when she and Harry can live the high life at SoHo and of course be allowed to “grand” around cause they the big fish in that crowd, or SoHo lets them think that. Harry’s been frozen out by the family….socially anyway cause who could stand being in the same room with her voice and them pawing each other constantly? She is no independent, strong, intelligent, humanitarian woman. Sorry but no. If she were all that, she would have never had the wedding gown she did, she would not give a hoot about wearing a tiara, nor whether anyone curtsied to her, nor whether she had a title or not. She would humble, a hard worker, and she would glow with her good fortune to have married a partner who together, then could really make an impact for some hurting people in this world. But she can’t do that, she hasn’t the talent, and plus SoHo owns her (and now Harry). And maybe QEII and PC are hurt for Harry but my goodness all this crazy PR and Press and trashy family sure does take some heat off of Brexit talks, RF shenanigans, immigration, acid and knife attacks, and just who is running the govt, and how much it’s gonna cost to overhaul BP. I wonder if MM enjoyed dancing the Scottish Reels at Balmoral when they visited this summer with the rest of the family….LMAO. Ya’ll this girl gotta go, more important things are going on that we can’t see for this fog.

well said PA.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Another Brilliant post with excellent points which we all have to see. Race was created by her PR team to divide people as many where against her so people can feel sorry for her.

Now with what I said about MM representing the US I mean that everything she does reflects back on the US as she is a member of the BRF and not just an actress. The Same goes with Princess Mary from Denmark her actions reflect back on Australia where she was born.

Plus before I go Eclipse has some expl@ining to do as I donโ€™t know where she got that NYC is not in PR.

Have a great day PA๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘

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