hi felix, it’s sgogoa

whoa! Eclipse, lighten up there. Felix is a good guy. you are sounding out of bounds. remember this is a blog and no one owes anyone anything. not even a reply. jsut cool your jets.

felix, stateside had close to no publicity for Eugenie’s big day. ??? I just foudn out it was tomday last night on the news.

I haven’t been on in a while, I got burned out by the megmess bs. and until she is gone to obscurity I have no interest in knwowing about brf, Ph or the nutmeg. though I was interested in what garbage samsy’s was going to spill but nothing she says we havent heard before, she is in on the bs.

anyway, I love you felix, though we have never met. keep up the good fight.


Hi Sgogoa. Long time since we have spoken. I hope you have been well and welcome back❤️❤️🙏🙏

Regarding Eugenies Wedding. It was advertised here in Australia but not as much as Harry’s and Meghans wedding. As we saw the wedding was a huge success compared to Harry’s and Meghan’s and  it was levels above in style and class as a Royal wedding should be.

Now regarding Eclipse. Don’t worry I have her under my little finger. She needs to get out and take a big breath as she is failing with her statements regarding Kate.

Have an awesome day Sgogoa. I know it’s hard keeping up with this BS but keep in touch from time to time a# tis circus goes on.


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