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Hi Felix,

I missed the wedding on the tv but Eugenie looked exquisite. Her wedding dress was different and beautiful. It was wonderful to see a young couple in love with so much togetherness and emotions in sync. The wedding was a masterclass in elegance. Very nice to see the Queen and Prince Phillip enjoy their granddaughters wedding. I hope it is not the last time we see them together but PP is very frail.

Eclipse, looking back over the comments it was another anon that mentioned the choir, not you as I seemed to recall. However, I come on to this blog to exchange observations with other bloggers in a spirit of fun and respect. Therefore as you wish I will not mention you again in my posts.

Hi NSW.  Same here I missed the wedding but saw the pics. Eugenie looks stunning and the wedding was a big success. For once the media stayed out of hyping up Harry and Meghan and all the focus was on the Newlyweds.

I heard on our local radio a few hours before the wedding that This wedding is bigger then Harry’s and began laughing as I know MM would of been pissed at that. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

See the difference in HM’s facial expressions today compared to Harry’s wedding.  HM quite enjoyed being there to day with the rest of the Royals. Well the only pic I saw of Harry and MM was whilst they where sitting inside the chapel and there seems to be tension there. Whilst Kate and William looked happy while They where holding hands.

Now Dont worry about eclipse. I will deal with her as I am trying hard to figure out her new motive in this.

Have a great day NSW😊🙏❤️👍


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