Ponderings on Non Friendly Eclipse

Eclipse what exactly is your problem? You must keep a constant headache with that “bad weather” you keep exhibiting. No need to be sneaky either. Just out with it. Do you just dislike everyone? Do you find people avoiding you? Life’s too short. If you think MM is a good example of a successful person, I’m afraid you will be let down by her. She can’t string together and sustain successes. So far she’s shown she can talk a good game, promote herself, con her way in but then there’s not anything there but empty shell. She’s being used and utilized by a lot of different factions. I’ve not seen mutual respect between her and anyone for that matter. That speaks volumes. So if you act like her or strike out at people like she and her fans do, you’re views will not be held with any respect or thought of to have substance. I hate to see anyone clog up flow of their positive energy. I think you need to try a different kind of tea.

Hi PA. Very well said. Yes Eclipse you need to go back to your old tea as this new one isn’t working out for you.😂😂😂😂

Coming after Kate all of a sudden doesn’t help your cause. I have stated this. Kate hasn’t done anything wrong to get critised like that. The same goes with Meghan. If she don’t do anything wrong we wouldn’t be here critisizing her.

Have an awesome day PA😊❤️👍

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