Well Eclipse, I think you missed your cup of tea today. Why do you have such aggravation with the members of the RF who do know how to act and present well to the public? I wasn’t fans of W&K before but I’ve never understood the “angry criticism” towards them. Could they work more, well yes we think so BUT what if QEII has been fine with their gradual way of growing into their roles? Even though QEII is grandmother to William, after Diana’s death, she has played a much more active guiding role with him to help prepare him for being a future monarch. I can’t help but think W&K family/work balance through these last many years have had QEII stamp of approval. And heavens look at all the disfunction in the Windsor families, I actually find it refreshing that QEII is allowing a different approach. QEII is much older and wiser now as well, hopefully she realizes the importance of allowing a future monarch the time to build a strong, stable family before having to take on the crown. W is much more the future than PC. W&K have been fortunate to come along while there have been enough other senior RF members to still be working. Now on different subject, the US Media has made a mess of our politics in the last 2 years—on purpose. They did not like how an election turned out and ever since they have acted liked spoiled children throwing a fit and have set some very poor examples of how to treat anyone with common courtesy whether you agree with them or not. Plus they were all completely wrong on their poll numbers and predictions with the election and how they cover news now it ridiculous and I’ll never believe any major new outlet in our country again. I actually follow the BBC to get a better view of world news since our new outlets barely report anything about news outside of how they plan to get rid of a President. I’m not even a rabid supporter of either political party and this is how the news has turned me away. But the important point I want to make, if you dig a little to find out what the President has done/accomopolished since he’s been in office it is very interesting. He really has done a lot, some good, some I have no idea if it’s good or not, and some tremendous groundbreaking work, he keeps China guessing, jobs have really been created. But if you listen to the media, he’s an imbecile. So what’s the real truth. Does he say ridiculous things that leaves everyone thinking “face palm” emjoi…definately. But one thing, I’ve always thought is that you don’t become as successful as he has in real estate business world if you don’t have some smarts. I have a feeling he is totally different to deal with in a boardroom when a deal is being negotiated and the cameras are not around. I imagine he uses his miscalculated persona to his advantage and I imagine he is quite formidable. Whether any of like him or not, we must admit a lot is getting done but why do we not know about it? And shouldn’t our media want to report on what our congress is really working on? Well, to find out you have to really dig these days and some of what Congress gets up to is truly stomach turning the way in which they waste so much money. This country is so vastly wealthy, we should never have a hungry child, no tent cities, no homeless but we do and it’s squarely on Congress. You see they prefer to keep the media off of what they are doing unless it’s openly attacking their enemies or making themselves look good, other than than they don’t want the cameras around. The media is happy to oblige —so what’s the British media ignoring on Brexit while they focus elsewhere? Why would they place headlines about this ridiculous divorced, ex-actress from American on the covers of your newspapers along with Brexit headlines and PM May? Remember when the Paradise Papers news was leaked in early Fall of 2017 which mentioned some tantalizing details of RF investments? Will and Harry go to Africa all the time on goodwill working visits. I have no doubt they enjoy Africa and it seems to have always meant something special to the RF, almost in a romantic, exotic way. But there is an uglier side to the history of England and African nations. I think it’s probably extremely important for the goodwill to continue for the RF, especially since they own a lot of African based investments and land. The depth and breadth of the RF investment portfolio is staggering. It’s global. All is connected. But it’s so complicated at the same time. In many ways, they are what we US Southerners call “cash poor, land rich”…. MM chose wrong. I think she picked the wrong sleeping dragon to wake up. I think they “let” her in cause they could care less about her silly PR games cause she will and is already, gonna hang herself there, she’ll end up choking on her own ego. I think they can and are controlling her more where they have her “chilling” than her running around as a “girlfriend or fiance”. She is on some kind of lock down, no doubt about it. It’s bizarre how she and Harry is not seen living normally. They act like a bunch of strung out druggy relatives that only show up when they have to and avoid the family like hell otherwise cause they don’t want draw attention or feel guilty about how they are living. Somethings afoot though. Dig deeper into the news not making the headlines. That’s where the real work is being done. That’s where your world is being affected and you don’t even know it. Don’t believe me, then look up and read through a list of what the Trump administration has done. It doesn’t read as evil as the press portrays. Just like MM. Dig up old interviews of her, old articles and gossip prior to Harry days, and she’s not as sweet, and smart, and talented as the press portrays her. More importantly, Harry is really nothing like his PR has portrayed him. There may be some blackmail going on here, and maybe some coercion as a result, but I think it’s only so far as Harry allowed it. And he just didn’t have the balls to call their bluff. He’s a playboy not man. IF he were a good man, he would have been making different choices in how to live his life. I’m beginning to think there’s just not much to the actual PH/MM mess BUT it’s a great opportunity the RF is not passing up to use to make everyone of them look better in a weird sort of way. QEII may be allowing it, so more serious news gets overlooked. She looks like a sweet grandmotherly figure, and she is very special to her grandchildren – no doubt, but let’s face it, this woman has sat down to sup at the dinner table with quite a few nefarious cruel world leaders and didn’t bat an eye. She doesn’t show fear. But she also doesn’t demand better actions from her most offending offspring, i.e. Prince Andrew and Harry, neither did she of Princess Margaret. But in the grand scheme of the monarchy, what do any of them truly matter. They are the supporting cast. They can’t fix Harry, only Harry can fix himself.

Absolutely Agree PA.  Another Brilliant post. Keep them coming as you always make excellent points.

Have an awesome day PA😊🙏❤️👍

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