Hi Felix. I don’t understand why the concept of MM representing the USA is such a difficult concept for some to understand. When a sports team is sent to another country, they, in effect, are representing the country they are from. It was a great embarrassment to the USA when three basketball players robbed some stores in China while they were there for a game. Our President had to intervene for China to release them back to our custody. They were representing not only their family, but also their college (UCLA), and their country (USA) while guests in China. And they did an awful job of it. When a tourist from country X acts like a jerk while visiting country Y, that is a poor reflection on country X. Many international incidents have occurred over the years because someone(s) from one country did something insulting while in another country. Whether you like it our not, you represent your country when you go into other countries. Just as you represent your family when you stay with another family. Many families, especially from the wealthy class, have disowned family members for disgracing the family name. When I was growing up, I was taught, and it also seemed common knowledge, that when you visited someone, you put on your best behavior, especially when visiting a foreign country, so that you show that Americans are kind, polite, and respectful people. Even years after her death, Princess Grace of Monaco is still thought of as American, and her grace, kindness, style, and manners have always made America look good to the world, thus she was a beautiful representation for America while married to the Prince of Monaco. Princess Mary of Denmark, as Felix pointed out, is from Australia and her loveliness and intelligence shed Australians in a wonderful light. MM is a poor representation of America. People who are not knowledgeable on what American people are like look at MM and assume Americans are like her and that her behavior is acceptable behavior in America. Stop getting hooked up on the political definition of “representation” and understand the meaning of the word as it relates to you, as an individual, representing your family and heritage, and you as a citizen of country Z representing that country when you travel – or marry – abroad.

Hi anon.  Great post. Exactly MM doesn’t represent the US as the President but being a member of the BRF and being an American she  in a way represents the US. All her actions reflect back on the US.

Now that she is on the world stage People know that she is from the US. So MM needs to take her role serious as her actions reflect back.  Now the bad thing is that she is uneducated and makes bad decisions being a gold digger and that reflects back to the women who live in LA.

Have a great day anon😊🙏❤️👍

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