Tour Accommodation

It’s surely going to be a ‘bit’ awkward for all the different tour places providing accommodation for Harry and Megs. Do the hosts act as if everything is normal in this relationship and arrange a double-bedded bedroom or one with twin beds? Not everywhere has the aristocratic design of separate bedrooms with a drawing room and a communicating door between the two bedrooms. And Australia press etc are not as strictly under the control of the BRF, so valuable truths will come out. This farce can’t be covered up forever.

thats going to be interesting.either Harry has mentioned on 2 rooms or to not show any sign of something is wrong he may sleep in the same room with his RPO.

Well if the Australian press sniff anything that is wrong in this relationship they will begin to question. So Harry and MM are going to be tested on their acting loved up skills.

Have a great day anon😊🙏❤️👍

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