Why the excuses for Waity Katey

She doesn’t know anything about her parents business ventures which she worked for at one point but knows everything about William future endeavors. Y’all make her sound like she’s the perfect stepford wife. Kate always do what she is told and knows absolutely nothing. She never miss a step. Yall funny 🤣🤣🤣. Is Waity Katey yall little bitch or something? Good doggy now fetch. Stop patronizing the readers😠. Your Slick princess is as dull and vacant as her wax figure in madame tussauds museum. NO MORE EXCUSES. These are different times. Catch the up🏃‍♂️

Hi eclipse. I don’t make any excuses for Kate. I have stated this many times that I am not a Fan of PH, Will, Kate and MM. I just found this whole ordeal odd in Nov 2016 as I used to watch Suits and knew MM and said to myself who does someone like her who is not well known end up with Harry.

But whatever you think of Kate, she has more style then MM and class. To bad MM’s PR teams keep on trying to bash her because they know that MM can never get that class and style.

Also eclipse you didn’t answer on who told you that NYCrealroyal is not PR???

have a great day eclipse😊🙏❤️👍

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