Will the real Felix please stand up

Just making sure I was talking to the original Felix. Yes I’m aware of the claims that NYCreal royal worked for a PR company in NYC🗽.So who is this Soho anon? What blog did they originated from? When did they start posting on this blog? Can’t deny this Felix🤔, the similarities between NYC and Soho anon being in the thick of everything is eerily similar. Same person or not “they” seem to operate under a time table and once the goal is accomplished they disappear. So now I know, you are who you said you are, Felix. Prove to me that NYCreal royal is not Soho anon in disguise. Just saying

hi eclipse. So if you knew that NYC works for PR then why raise the question?? Soho anon as I stated is a male who come onto JD’s blog a couple of days ago stating that he works for some profile who is a member of Soho house and was able to give those details at this point in time.

Well first of all my proof is that NYC is a female and I know the company she works for which I am not going to state on here. Soho anon is a Male. So how can they be the same person????

thanks Eclipse😊🙏❤️👍

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