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Hi again Felix. I was busy at work all day and just now catching up on your blog. So many great entries today!! NSW I think you’re on the right track. I’ve long suspected Harry is gay or at least bi. I think since he has such mommy issues it makes him feel more comfortable to keep it “hidden” and try to live a traditional life. Plus in his simplistic way of thinking maybe he really believed finding an “actress” would be ideal cause they could “act” married and live a great life but each do their thing. BUT this is not a movie, it’s real life and unless he found a really talented actress (she’s not) with all the right things going for her (she doesn’t), it would not work…..as we can obviously see!! I’ve long thought it was his friends he calls Bidders…but that is my total uninformed speculation. But he is everywhere Harry is. He has been close with him a long time. And I think he has been married before but it did not work out. I remember seeing on someone’s blog perhaps from London Scoop, but it was kinda early on that it was rumored that William told Harry just to “take the hit” that he didn’t have to go through with all this. Every time I see all of us trying to weave through what an elaborate scheme of someone’s that this is….I always come back to that little nugget. Perhaps when London Scoop’s contact mentioned that if we knew only the ending and were told the “why” then everyone would shrug it off and never believe it. Maybe it really is this simple…..Harry is gay or bi…she has some type of incriminating recording from a mutual partying situation, and either he didn’t want the world to know or he didn’t want QEII to know AND he has mentioned feeling like a 3rd wheel around William and Kate for quite a while, plus I’m sure it had become lonely doing his solo tours. MM saw her opening, she’s a schemer from the word go…and they both were high, drugged, drunk or something and thought this was a brilliant idea. Harry’s weirdness around her would be explained, his emotional roller coaster would be explained….it’s quite hard to keep something like this under wraps and for it to work. Since William mentioned…”you should just take the hit”….that implies it affects Harry more than the whole family. I know this all sounds silly and stupid to all of us. But Harry lives in a bubble. Plus he’s not a scholar they say. Maybe he truly doesn’t realize how accepting much of society is on LGBT. If you just listen to politicians, Hollywood peeps and activists, you wouldn’t know this. Cause they like to keep the agitation going about people not being accepting, and yes some don’t, but for the most part, people do. We all have a family member that is touched by this at some point in time. We are all human. If true, imagine the irony of this…..here is Harry being a “trailblazer” and marrying a person of color into the RF to show how inclusive they are and lo and behold, he’s gay, and all he had to do to be the real trailblazer and be able to live an authentic life is just come out into the light! And it’s not too late. What a great opportunity to make a statement to what lengths some still feel to go and not live out in the open. Maybe this is why QEII nor PC is not doing much publically about dealing with this embarassing mess call MM. Plus if there are possible people out there like that post mentioned about being assaulted at a party, think about how many parties he’s been to, and been high and/or drunk. Most telling….if you notice, he really is not much of a gentlemen to his girlfriends nor wife. Never really has been. He’s always sounded and acted like a jerk in what i’ve seen under the radar. He is not gallant. His “stinginess” is very well known. Don’t take my word for it….look up pictures of Adam Bidwell and PH through the years. PH, friends, and family call him Bidders. It was Adam that went to Africa with him this summer for Lesotho…he’s involved as an officer in the Sentabale foundation with Harry. NOTE: PH took Adam with him THIS summer….just 2 mths after marrying….left his new wife at home…and took Adam with him to do work for Sentabale which is Harry’s most special foundation work. I could be completely out in left field and I have absolutely no proof, this I repeat is just my speculation…but you can tell they are very close friends at the very least. Adam is always around, even when RF are present, he’s always there on the edges. If true, Harry should immediately free us all from the Markle Madness and just be honest and live honest. He would be so much happier and so would we not to have to look at her messy clothes, hear her irritating voice and SJW spewing, and please let this preggo news be not true…..these 2 DO NOT NEED TO PROCREATE…..no child deserves this. Truly. But one thing that I do know is true……there is A LOT here that does not make sense or meet even the basic RF tests….something is afoot….they are not fooling anyone – which I’m actually am quite proud of how much everyday people do pay attention and question and not just swallow the press malarkey, And please don’t fall for the PR – no one in their right mind would have worn such an ugly outfit to PEs wedding if you have a new budget for clothes unless you are lying and WANT everyone to think something. I still don’t feel sorry for Harry at all. I still think they are lazy as shit. The Aussies hopefully not let them get away with their lame ass excuses. PLUS there is no way any doctor would let her fly in her 1st trimester, they all tell you, even if it’s not a high risk and her’s would be at her age, not to fly until at least 5-6 mth and only if you have to then. No way would RF make her do this if she just found out she was pregnant. Since this is her first child (cough, cough) then she doesn’t know how she is going to be feeling, how it will affect her. What if she gets really bad morning sickness. Look at Kate – no way could she do a tour with the morning sickness she suffers from. And they are going to be flying here there and yon…..on my ….you don’t say frog eye….LMAO. Time for popcorn or actually a lot of martinis! Ciao for now 🙂

Exactly right PA. What happened to the morning sickness with so many events that she will need to attend?? This is another great point on why I and most are finding this announcement to be a PR ploy instead of real. Plus what happened to Harry words in the engagement interview when he clearly stated that they don’t want to rush and have Children??? He shot himself in the foot..

Have a great day PA😊❤️🙏👍

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