Good afternoon Felix & NSW if you remember before the tour I said watch out for the PR stunt in Sydney the lovely 90 yr old woman Dorothy was wheeled out again for a photo op . PH gave her a hug she has been in the crowds for his last 3 OZ tours , talk about predictable . Anyways getting back to MM dressed in a tight fitting white dress , again why announce a baby now she’s not showing at all , wouldn’t you wait until you got back 🇬🇧. Now the MM merching show& baby clothes are hitting MM mirror blogs merching all the way with Jessica Mulroney. Why don’t BRF stop this what dyes she have on them. The latest DM article about her being pregnant ppl are screaming out what a terrible thing to announce at PE wedding over 15 K likes for top comments

Hi QLD. Yep the old woman came out again. What amazes me is that they accepted gifts from the crowd. I thought that Royal Members aren’t allowed to receive free gifts but it surely states that these 2 are only touring for the publicity and the gifts… I saw those comments and I know there are a lot that are not happy with the way that they have announced this..

Have a great day anon😊❤️🙏👍

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