Not sure if anyone noticed this, but at the 1:26 – 1:28 mark in the video (link below), PH bends down to lick the frosting from the side of the cake, and of course, everyone laughs because that is what they do when PH acts like a juvenile. Very disgusting in my opinion. And I fear the Zero Consequences Anon is absolutely correct. PH and MM will go back to England the stars of BRF and receive even more perks and kudos from the BRF.

Video title: Prince Harry and Meghan visit Royal Flying Doctor Service in Australia

hi anon. Just saw the video and yes PH is acting like a spoilt child licking the icing of the cake. It is disgusting and unprofessional at his age. But I do agree they will go back to the UK and nothing will change regarding Harry and the BRF.  At the end of the day the BRF control him in his youth. They are not going to do it now.

Have an awesome day anon and thank you for sharing😊👍❤️🙏

View the video👇👇👇

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