Don’t Lose Sight of the Background People

To “People in high places” Anon, thanks for the video. I like Paul Joseph Watson as well. I think the video is important so that we do not lose sight of the big names associated with PH and MM. They really are all tightly connected and I think sometimes that is lost in the mess that PH and MM are and create. There is so much more to this pairing than the peripheral shows. I feel very diabolical intentions are behind this pairing and that it will last much longer than many think. Remember, a lot of the people connected to MM and PH (and Prince Andrew and even Fergie and the York girls) are not good people, with some having very sinister backgrounds.

We have mentioned pizzagate before but not sure if the spirit d ritual was discussed. It was written by Marina Abramović, a satanic (in my opinion) artist who is connected to pizzagate. Before the marriage, there was a photo going around that showed Alex Soros at a spirit cooking event with a woman that many believe to be MM. Anyway, one of the versus is, “with a sharp knife cut deeply into the middle finger of your left hand.” There are photos of John Podesta, Former President George Bush, Jr., and Former President Barack Obama, with band-ads on their left hand middle finger. Creepy. But more creepy, MM had a band-aid on her left hand middle finger while in Fiji.

Hi anon. Quite interesting, yes I did see MM’s hand with a bandaid around her finger.  The photo that was going around with Soros wasn’t her. It resembled MM but if you look closely at that woman she is different. I had that pic on my old blog but it still must be in JD’s archives.

Well let’s see how long the show will go on as things will have to change eventually as the truth will begin to leak out.

Have an awesome day anon😊👍❤️🙏

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