Etsy is A.O.K.!

Re Etsy post: I have bought many different items from Etsy over the years and overall I have had a wonderful experience. I have only had three issues and all three were handled immediately. The first was an item I ordered that had arrived broken due to not being wrapped appropriately for the mail. I wanted to keep the item regardless, but not for the price I paid, so the Seller and I decided together on a price and I was given a refund for the rest of the amount. The other two items, the Sellers never sent (different reasons for each). For one, Etsy assisted and I received a refund. The other, the Seller and I came to a mutual agreement and I received a refund. Overall, ,I have had great experiences with Etsy and the individual Sellers. My advice: read the description of the item carefully, look at the photos carefully, and pay attention to the measurements. You can also contact a Seller with any questions before purchasing. And make sure you read each Seller’s conditions regarding returns. Not all Sellers accept returns, and there are specific requirements to receiving a refund. I have never heard of any scams regarding Etsy, but there are bad people everywhere. I have never purchased clothes through Etsy, but many other types of items. Good luck!

Awesome Anon. Thanks for sharing.  This will help the other anon purchase the items which she wants. I have always said to use PayPal when purchasing online as if you do run into any problems like online scams you are protected as PayPal will investigate and refund the money back to your account.

Plus what you stated above is true. Please read the description, terms and look at the pics and sizes as they very carefully before purchasing

Have an awesome day anon😊👍❤️🙏

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