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Hi Felix,

MMs Oscar De La Renta dress at the Nat Geo Awards was too too much. It was in Sydney with a group of environmental science types, not the Academy Awards or the Met Gala. Once again poor taste and gross extravagance. Prince Charles should close the wallet if he hasnt already.

Now see MM at the Basketball final. Not a bump in sight!. Just MM in spiky high heels again ruining the court, scrawny little body and spongemeg waste. They cant keep up the facade for too much longer.

I wonder what PR horror the closing ceremony will provide.

btw The latest Enty blind suggesting that MM asks for money directly from hosts rather than asking they give to charity. Nice.

Hi NSW. As we see she can’t dress.  She tried to gain the attention by dressing that way as these environmental science types don’t dress that way.

I saw the pics of them at the basketball. It looked like Harry wasn’t happy as he was saying something to her, her facial expressions give it away.

Regarding the entry blind, if that’s true and I believe that it is, if that ever comes out to light by the media I can assure you that it will be the end of the Monarchy.

Apparantly they gave them another standing ovation at the closing ceremony as they both preached this time  to the wounded warriors about a topic which as we have seen over the week which they don’t care about.

have an awesome day NSW😊👍❤️🙏

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