Standing Ovation? Are you kidding?

I find it nauseating that people actually stood up and cheered and clapped as PH and MM entered the ballroom to take their seats last night in Sydney for the Australian Geographic Society gala, What have either of them done to deserve a standing ovation? Have people really fallen that far that they cannot discern between people who achieve true accomplishment that help humanity versus famous people who are famous for no reason? I find it so disturbing and actually disgusting. I thought Aussies were more hard core, considering their history and they live with the most scary and dangerous animals, insects, and plants known! But yet they give a standing ovation to PH and MM. I can’t even.

Hi anon I agree. People are like sheep. There would of been a few that stood up and the rest stood up aswell so they don’t look like idiots. Plus you have to remember that these people don’t know the real Harry and MM as they live busy lives and only believe on what they briefly hear in the media.

Have a great day anon😊👍❤️🙏

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