The Warrior Games Led To Invictus Games

Since the closing ceremony of Invictus Games is nearing, I think it is important to clarify how Invictus Games came about, because there seems to be a lot of misinformation and the wonderful organization that IG took its idea from is rarely, if ever, recognized.

Invictus Games was inspired by The Warrior Games. The Warrior Games were established in 2010 by the US government Department of Defense as a way to enhance the recovery and rehabilitation of wounded, ill and injured service members and expose them to adaptive sports. The Warrior Games are a multi-sport event for wounded, injured or ill service personnel and veterans, and encourage the Vets to stay physically active when they return to their local communities, and inspire and promote opportunities for growth and achievement. Families are a significant part of an athlete’s recovery and the Warrior Games has a robust family program. The Warrior Games have taken place annually since 2010.

Prince Harry, at the time serving as a Captain and helicopter pilot in the British Army, opened the 2013 Games, which inspired him to create the Invictus Games, an international counterpart to the Warrior Games with national representations.

So a huge shout-out to the amazing Warrior Games of the USA and my they continue to shine and grow and help as many wounded, ill, and injured service members as possible.

hi anon. I have heard about the Warrior games and I hope they are doing well. Yes IG come from that idea for Harry to promote but as we see Harry is only promoting himself these days. He has no interest in the IG games and just goes there to give some inspirational speeches to the wounded soldiers which himself doesn’t believe in. Pretty sad.

so a shout out goes to the Warrior games and May the continue to thrive throughout the years ahead.

have an awesome day anon😊👍❤️🙏

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