Its Started

Looks like the family are making their move to have Meghan and Harry hit the road. KP are setting up a Separate Court between the Cambridge’s and Sussex. This is the beginning of the end for Harry they will ostracize him. Harry and Meghan continue to not follow the rules then this is the consequences. I see them moving way from the family and establishing their own brand like the Beckham’s.

Hi anon. Yes I saw the tweet from Royal Nikkah. At the moment it’s just in the media but nothing confirmed by the Palace regarding the split of KP where William and Kate are going to be going their own seperate ways. But let’s wait and see as something has begun and maybe Harry will be forced to announce his retirement from his Royal title.

Well if it happens it’s going to be pretty hard for these 2 to build any brand due to the fact that once Harry goes he will be a nobody and as we have seen she is not marketable which will leave her dumping him within week.

Have a great day anon😊👍❤️🙏

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