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Hi Felix,

Could there be consequences at last? JD s blog mentions a Times article that there is a plan to split William and Harrys royal household ( could that be the Royal Foundation as well)

It is the only thing that can be done. If a charity has complained that MM has hit the charity up for money then her and MM have to go. The brf certainly cant send them on another Cwealth tour. PC needs to take action swiftly so that the Cwealth trusts his leadership.

Hi NSW. Yes I saw the tweet from Royal Nikkah. As I stated to the previous anon. At the moment it’s only being reported by the times but nothing official has been announced by the Palace. Let’s wait and see if they will make an announcement in the next couple of weeks now that Harry and MM will be rutirning back to UK in the next few days as they finish their Aus/No tour.

If this is true it will be the Royal foundation as William and Kate will be going their seperate ways as they move forward representing the monarchy and the commonwealth.

I wouldn’t be surprised NSW if Harry gets forced to announce that he will be no longer representing the monarchy.  I think it’s true that there where a lot of complaints from dignitaries and the Palace are beginning to act.

So let’s see what happens as this mess continues.

Have an awesome evening NSW😊👍❤️🙏

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