I don’t think they are getting their own court

I don’t think H&M are getting their own court per se. I think they are separating officially from Will and Kate, so W&K don’t get mixed in with H&M’s stupidity and so Will establishes himself independently as the POW.

Charles has wanted to streamline the monarchy and he wants all pr running from the top down. That would mean BP running pr for all royals, except maybe the POW, which would likely be run in conjunction with that office anyway. The decentralization that currently exists is a horrible way to run things for any business. H&M will likely get certain things like twitter where Meg can post whatever, but the duties and main pr will be run from whatever office Charles puts in place. He and Will know it is ridiculous and makes them all look foolish. My instinct is they will tighten things up.

As far as Meg’s secret “additional” pr (the Sunshine Sachs and whoever else), I don’t know how they will handle this. Maybe they let her keep it, maybe not, but it is super expensive for her to maintain. My assumption is that she pays for it with her merching money. If BP curtails H&M’s events, then M’s merching gets reduced, thus less money to pay pr firms and fewer sponsors to have her merch their goods. I think they will not outright say you cannot hire pr firms, but they will not give her the venues to make the merching monies to pay for it, so it will disappear over time. That is a subtle way to hit her pocketbook. They pay her living expenses, so she really shouldn’t require that extra income, right???? I think this traps her with Harry and Harry with her a bit. They will be miserable.

hi anon. Great points. I agree Charles wants to control all PR from the top down as you stated. There will be changes when he ascends to the thrown. Regarding her merching. She is definitely paying for it through the money she gets from these clothing deals. Plus she must be getting a discount her PR firm on the profile that she has married giving them al, the latest scoops which they sell to the tabs.

Well something happened after the Aus tour as Harry didn’t look to happy with her at the Remembrance ceremony last weekend. I bet the queen had a go at both of them as they made the Aus tour into a holiday and showed that they are not willing to work as they both represented the Queen.

Have a great day anon😊🙏👍❤️

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