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Hi Felix,

Great to see you back. I hope you have had a chance to catch up on all the latest drama. It has been fun to watch H and MM put back in their box.

I 100 per cent believe the story about Harry;s tantrum and saying ” what Meghan wants Meghan gets ” This fits in with stories of him chucking tantrums to get engaged and other stories of his nasty behaviour. The reports also say there was a heated exchange. I wonder who this was with? No wonder the Queen looked daggers at the wedding.

Now the Harkles have been exposed as the greedy bullies they are. As MM has worn so many expensive clothes since getting married the tiara story is very easy to believe.

Now they have been put in their place, MM has momentarily lost her extreme smugness. See her sooky look on the balcony when standing next to the German Presidents wife says it all – pride comes before a fall.

The question I have is – why is he takedown starting now? Obviously the tour has prompted things but would the BRF really expose her if she was genuinely pregnant? That seems a bit unlikely. Unless their behaviour was so bad the BRF have no choice.

If MM is pregnant I feel so sorry for the child. What a hideous marriage to be born into, with 2 selfish reckless parents.

Happy birthday to Prince Charles. Its been fun to watch all the European Royals rock up to the party. They’re probably all related of course.

Hi NSW. It’s great to be back and glad you have dropped in. Great post. Yes we all saw that sulked look from MM standing by herself alongside the wife of the German President and not being next to Kate, Camilla and the Queen.

Well Harry showed his true colours as we saw on the tour. He played the media. He chose her and had all these hissy fits to get her to the altar. Now we know why HM wasn’t pleased on the wedding day as they both where stating for HM to give MM that tiara but it didn’t work in their favour as they had to go and elsewhere to find one for MM to wear.

Now regarding on the takedown  the heated exchanges are between both of them. As we have heard since 2016 these 2 fight like dogs. MM demands and Harry caves in. She wears the pants,

I would of loved to hear what the Queen said to them after returning from the tour as things have changed. Harry looked so depressed last weekend. Have you seen the latest pics with them alongside Charles? Have a look at both pics and you will see that Harry is forcing a smile. It’s not his genuine smile which we have seen in the past as in the second pic she looks like a wacko laughing out of place.

Her traits come from her parents and they have shown us their true colours over the months. But the whole family is vile seeking money since the statement come out in 2016 selling pics to the tabs to make a quick buck…

Happy 70th birthday to the prince of Wales. As all the European royals attended to celebrate his special day. Yes in some form they are all related. I would like to know if MM made a scene or was invited to the big bash?

have a wonderful evening NSW😊🙏👍❤️

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