NYC & Skippy

Hi Felix. I don’t want to be negative, Skippy’s page was the first blog I found so I will be grateful to her for that but I agree with the anon about the vacuous 24 hr posting and I think Skippy’s mental state has declined. I don’t mean this in a cruel way but I think she is mentally exhausted. I actually asked Skippy how she could be sure that MM was thrown out in December 2016 given the source was NYC. The reply was non-committal. It’s very sad to see this, she needs a break. I’m not expecting a response and tbh I don’t want one because I don’t want to “stir the pot”.

Hi anon. I had told her to get some rest multiple times and she kept on having a go at me that it’s her life and her blog. We all see her decline and as I have pointed out Skippy shot her credibility by attacking a source claiming that She is a fraud but still running with the story. That’s insane and I do want her to go seek some professional help as she has lost family members which has affected her mental state.

The problem is that she has put all her time into this and is getting angry at the world because she doesn’t want to see the truth being a Royalist. She is hooked on this fantasy and doesn’t allow her anons to express their views. That’s not the community JD, NYC, AHPF, Banadrama, belgiumeyes, vintage and I began on tumblr which was way before Skippy arrived.

in the early days we where calling out the media for their lies as we could see that the stories published didn’t add up. No it’s different from the moment she is a Royal Member. We have to question the motives of the BRF members for allowing her to join,

There are a lot of theories on what has happened as we touch on all of them but it’s still early days to begin to figure out what is actually going on behind Palace walls. So as JD and I have stated we all need to relax and be patient as the truth will eventually begin to come out and also have a laugh as both of them keep on performing their bad acting to the world.

Have a wonderful day anon😊🙏👍❤️

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