Felix…I’m a little confused now…

Hello! So happy to of stumbled on this site. I am new to Tumblr as a few months ago. I worship JD, I feel like she is smart, to the point and doesn’t take B.S. She’s even taken time out to write me, which I about died lol I read you two are close, I read the post where you said that there was no blackmail or coercion and she possibly could be moving w Harry (instead of SoHo)- we’ll you said there was no actual proof.

JD for as long as I have read her blog, always talks and states about the blackmail/coercion theory….I know you all have great inside Information, did you all find out something new? I truly mean NO DISRESPECT in any way to either of you, if JD says it, then I find her so credible, I’ll believe it!! I’m just wondering what to believe?
Thanks for all the hard work you do! This is the craziest thing I have ever followed. I had ZERO clue who MM was until I heard of their engagement and part of me was excited that he had found someone. Boy, was I clueless!!! I have gone way back on JD’s blog to educate myself on what my first reaction should have been! Lol! And thank for this blog too, Felix, I have already bookmarked it in my phone 💖

Hi anon and welcome aboard. Sorry for the late reply as I have been busy the last few days and also the weather here in Melbourne is not helping as the temperatures keep on going up,

Ok let me begin. We had heard of this mysterious recording being made by MM back in 2016 on a party weekend at Harry’s friends house but till this day there is no evidence about that and as you see we have thrown around a variety of theories as we speculate to find out the truth.

Now if you think about it. Her Majesty is a very powerful women in the UK. If MM was trying to blackmail them she could have easily terminated her visa and placed a ban on MM from entering the UK. The last person that tried to sue them died in jail for a lesser crime.

So this concludes that Harry wanted her and they let her in. They senior royals might not be happy with Harrys choice but they absolutely did nothing to stop this meaning that they have allowed Harry to bring her into the fold. That’s quite simple and Harry showed us that during the Aus tour.

Its been found out that Harry loves playing with the media and the reason that he looks pissed off at events is because he can’t cry for privacy anymore after MM gave that vanity Fair interview last year which backfired on the original statement published in Nov 2016.

What MM has done is use people like JM who is BM’s wife and he is the former prime minister of Canada’s son to connect her with their wide group of connections and also Markus Anderson through Soho which she has social climbed her way into meeting Harry.

She is a massive Diana fan as she had many pictured on her tig blog of Diana and took them down a few weeks before the statement in 2016 and from the minute she met Harry she sold herself to him as Diana 2.0 which as you see he believed it.

Now they both look like idiots and have lost their reputations as the media have begun to call them out on this.

Have a wonderful day anon😊❤️👍🙏


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