Carol service

Ok Felix now this is very odd. The Narc and her man-child attended the carol service for Harry’s friend who died in a car accident when he was 18! That’s like 15 years ago and waaayyy before MM came on to the scene. But at a gathering of friends and family to commemorate this man, Markle gives a speech! She never ever met him.

And she looks huge, a fact that she’s proudly displaying. Courtesy of her “pregnancy” her “magic boobs” are bigger and she’s gone to church with her cleavage on full display. (Everyone else is covered up appropriately for the venue and the weather!)

And a question for anons who might know about This sort of thing. If in fact the Harkles have used IVF, is there only 1 egg fertilised at a time? If they fertilise more than one, do they have to implant them all? This woman is wicked – I bet she’s got frozen embryos in storage so that even when she leaves or he ditches her, she can keep having PH’s cash machines, sorry I mean children.

Anyway the speech at the memorial service for a childhood friend of PH was bizarre.

Thanks Felix! ❤️

Hi anon.  Ooops I missed it lol. Been Busy these days is hard to catch up with this drama. So it did happen.  I would love to know what she said as she never knew him in person. 

It could be true that she has frozen embryos and has used them. Time will tell. You are spot on she will keep on having Harry’s cash machines as she is only interested in global fame with a wealthy lifestyle.

Have a great day anon😊👍❤️🙏 

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